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The vision of our practice is to provide the highest quality of Dental care available. Offering meticulous, uncompromising, personalized service and attention to the needs of our patients. We practice with a commitment to serve our patients with compassion, dignity, and ultimate respect.

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Advanced Dental Smiles is the most sought-after dental practice in Warminster. Led by Dr. Dilip Dudhat, the team at ADS strives to provide a compassionate dental experience to all the patients. A wide variety of minimally invasive services are available for those seeking to improve or maintain their oral health.
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Service Categories
Preventative Dentistry
Avoid cavities, gum disease, enamel wear, and more with Preventative Dentistry. It is essential particularly for kids to pave way for healthy teeth and gums in adulthood.
Cosmetic Dentistry
Enhance your smile with the help of professional Cosmetic dentistry. It primarily focuses on dental aesthetics in color, position, shape, size, alignment and overall smile appearance.
Restoration Dentistry
Dental fillings, Implants, Denture and Crowns are the procedures which are performed to keep your mouth fully functioning in case of missing and damaged teeth. Your teeth are restored using these procedures and hence this is known as restorative dentistry.
dental Implant image
The procedure in which missing tooth roots are replaced with a metal post is called Implant Dentistry. This metal post holds the artificial tooth which gives the look of a natural tooth.
Invisalign service4
Invisalign comes with a series of nearly invisible custom-made aligners which are used to straighten crooked teeth. These are preferred over the traditional bulky metal braces.
Sedation Dentistry
Sedation dentistry provides a relaxing and anxiety-free experience for certain people to facilitate a dental procedure. Sedation can be either oral sedation or IV sedation.
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      A wonderful review for Advanced Dental Smiles! I have so much anxiety about my tooth it had been 6 years of problems with cap cross Root canals,Re root canals at different dental practices. I consulted with Dr Rice after cleaning & Xrays and he gave me some options to try and solve my problem. I was really optimistic about getting old tooth pulled and bone graft and implant after learning he is involved in dental education.He teaches as attending faculty at Einstein Medical Center & Philadelphia VA Hospital. DR Rice explained what he was doing during procedure and was encouraging me that everything working out great. He showed me xrays when procedure was done with explanation ! So Thankful to have trust & confidence in your dentist.If you aren’t comfortable or confident in your dentist dont hesitate to give Advanced Dental Smiles a call and consult with Dr Rice!

      Cheryl Gessner

      BEST DENTAL EXPERIENCE EVER!!!….He is confident,intelligent and a great conversationalist. Highly recommend….and everyone else was friendly and concerned with my well being and satisfaction. I had extractions implants and crowns and so far I’m thrilled.

      Jeff clark
      I have been a happy patient at this office for over a decade! I truly appreciate the amazing care I receive from everyone here. Convenient appointments and care plans I can afford even when my dental insurance lapses.
      Crystal Abel