Steps To Prevent Periodontal Disease –

Periodontal disease or gum disease is associated with symptoms like gum swelling, bleeding gums, tooth pain and discomfort if left untreated. It also causes the gums and bone structure to deteriorate. Untreated Periodontal disease can also lead to diabetes, heart disease and stroke. You can prevent this from happening right now by reducing or eliminating your chances of being affected by Periodontal disease.

Signs that you might have gum disease include:

· Consistent bad breath

· Loose teeth or gaps between teeth

· Bleeding gums

· Swollen or tender gums

· Gums that have moved away from your teeth

Follow the below tips to prevent Periodontal disease:

Brush your teeth: Brush your teeth twice a day to help remove food debris and plaque between your teeth and gums. Following a dental care regimen significantly minimizes your chance of getting gum disease.

Floss your teeth: Brushing and Flossing regularly removes the bacteria that causes gum disease. Flossing should be done at least once a day to remove food particles between your teeth and the gum line which is not reachable by your toothbrush.

Healthy diet: A balanced diet that includes fruits, vegetables, lean protein and plenty of water improves your oral health.

Stop Smoking: Smoking has an impact not only on your oral health but also on your overall health.

Use a mouthwash: Using mouthwash helps in controlling bad breath and also in preventing cavities. Mouthwash is a liquid product that usually contains an antiseptic to help kill bacteria. However, please note that mouthwash is not a replacement for your daily regime of brushing and flossing!

Choose a good toothpaste: A fluoride toothpaste is suggested to help fight gum disease and eliminate other bacteria.

Sufficient sleep: Last but not the least, a good night’s rest and reducing stress improve your immune system and overall health. Our team at Advanced Dental Smiles can help you learn and understand more about how to get or maintain a healthy mouth and gums to make sure you avoid getting gum disease.