Dr. Krishna Advanced Dental Smiles

Dr. Krishna Gorantla, DDS

Warminster, PA Dentist

Dr. Krishna chose dentistry through being close to his cousin growing up, who is a dentist, and observing how satisfying the career can be through providing life-changing experiences to people. After practicing in India, he moved to the USA to gain more knowledge in dentistry and went back to school at University of Michigan School of Dentistry and graduated from the Internationally Trained Dentist Program(ITDP) in 2015.

Dr. Krishna strongly believes in lifelong learning and continuing education. Just like new upgrades are available for even the most advanced computers, new research is being done in dentistry on a regular basis, and Dr. Krishna believes that it is important to stay at the forefront of learning that knowledge to benefit the patients we treat and hence spends a considerable amount of time in continuing education each year.

Dr. Krishna follows Michigan Wolverines football and basketball and knows that the city of Philadelphia is also big on its sports franchises, and is looking forward to experiencing and owning Philly sports.